Swinggolf Hamburg

What is swing golf?

Swingolf is a simplified version of golf. It is said to be derived from an old farming game from France. The competition aims to use a club to get the ball from the tee over a fairway of at least 65 meters and up to 300 meters into a hole in as few strokes as possible. The game is played in a specially prepared area, which can be created on a 5 to 15 hectares site without significant landscape interventions.

The “Swin(g)” movement is similar to traditional golf and allows the ball to be hit up to 120 meters in one shot. It is played with a single club, the head of which has three sides: one for long shots, one for higher shots, and one for putting on the green. The ball is larger and made of rubber, so it is softer than regular golf, significantly reducing the risk of injury. It is buoyant and may be teed on every shot, not just the tee. In official tournaments, however, the ball may only be placed on a tee when teeing off. You don’t have to buy rackets and balls, they can be borrowed during the course (usually included in the game fee).

In 1982, Laurent de Vilmorin developed the original Swin racquet and Swin ball for players wanting to practice the sport on easy grass terrain. However, the racket shown here is not the original from Vilmorin with the three different sides, but a different model. The rules follow the specifications of the French Swingolf Association.

You can find more information about swing golf here: https://www.swingolf-hamburg.de/