The Zollenspieker Fährhaus

Our rich history, exceptional team, promising opportunities, and prime location along the Elbe River make our company unique.

The place where we are is absolutely gorgeous.

The Zollenspieker Fährhaus is situated at the southernmost point of Hamburg and is known for its exceptional location on the Elbe River. This historic building holds great significance in Hanseatic history. It is one of the oldest structures in northern Germany, dating back to 1252. Given its age, it’s not surprising that the house has been involved in many significant events throughout history.

Mission statement at Zollenspieker Fährhaus

We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs and expectations of our valued guests, employees, business partners, and owners through our mission statement.
We combine tradition with modernity
Focus on guest
The benchmark
for our work
Management with meaning
and humanity
Enthusiasm through
quality standards
Appreciation, respect,
and recognition
Decisions for
the future

Unsere einmalige Lage mit ihrem unverstellten Blick über die Elb-Landschaft bietet unseren Gästen Platz um Kraft zu tanken und zurück zu Ruhe und Gelassenheit zu finden.

Unser Ziel besteht darin, diese Energie weiter zu transportieren und so viele Menschen wie nur möglich daran teilhaben zu lassen.

By proactively identifying their preferences and desires, we ensure they are satisfied even before making any requests. This approach has led to high guest satisfaction and repeat business. In addition, we offer distinctive features and delightful surprises in the form of small gifts, which create cherished memories for our guests. We aim to exceed expectations and provide an exceptional experience for all who visit us.

We strive to create a valuable experience for our guests, employees, and business partners while remaining conscious of our impact. As passionate hosts, our guests and their needs are always at the forefront of our attention. At Zollenspieker Fährhaus, we prioritize sustainability, regionality, and quality in our gastronomy. Harmony is essential within our team, as discordance or discrepancies can be detrimental and disruptive.
Innovation and reliability are highly valued at our company to achieve a successful corporate structure.

We trust our employees and value their work. Personal growth is essential for economic growth. We believe in open and honest communication with our team, guests, and partners. We welcome all religions and gender identities at Zollenspieker Fährhaus. Our success is built on our passion and dedication, which are our company’s core. We foster a mutual appreciation, respect, and recognition culture, creating a community that achieves great things every day.
Our values serve as the basis for our quality standards. We establish high-quality benchmarks for our products and their production. To achieve this, we have implemented a quality management system allowing us to continually monitor and enhance our processes.
This leads to personal fulfillment and contributes to our economic success. Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual appreciation, respect, and recognition, further reinforced by our low hierarchies.
When surrounded by the beauty of nature, we strive to act in harmony with it, setting a positive example for resource-saving and sustainable practices in many areas.
The Zollenspieker Fährhaus is located at Elbe River, kilometer 598.5
The foundation is traced back to 1252
From the 13th to the 19th century, the customs and ferry station was located here
The house was extended with the four-star hotel

Bees from the Elbe River

Discover our honey! The Zollenspieker Fährhaus is proud of housing its own bee colony. Despite initial concerns, the bees have not strayed to the other bank of the Elbe. It appears the bees at the ferry house are just as fond of Zollenspieker as our dear guests.

Traditional House

Area: 1700 sqm
Rooms: 2 terraces
4 small rooms
3 large rooms

Event Spaces

Ballroom: 270 sqm for approx. 200 guests
Elbsalon: banquet for up to 60 guests
Club Rooms: up to 24 guests


Area: 6,000 square meters (length 140 m x width 10.7 m)
Rooms: 2 suites 85 sqm
4 studios 44-48 sqm
8 French rooms 22 sqm
38 double comfort rooms 30 sqm

Event Spaces:

Pier 598.5: 90 sqm for 30 guests
Elbe I & II: each 30 sqm up to 10 guests
Elbe total: 60 sqm 20 guests
Small Golden Cupola Hall: 60 square meters for up to 20 guests
Large Golden Cupola Hall: 120 sqm up to 40 guests
Both Golden Cupola Halls: about 100 guests

The Unique Location

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June 10, 2012

Weight: 13.000 kilograms

Height: 3,80 m

Stonewall in the atrium

Monastery wall stones from Berlin