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The diversity of the Vier- und Marschlande: Attractive bike tours along Elbe

The Vier- und Marschlande offers beautiful bike paths and circular tours perfect for cyclists. Some of these routes are linked to the public transport network, making it convenient to travel longer distances. For instance, you can embark on an adventure on the Marschenbahndamm, which stretches almost 25 km and is exclusively for bikers and hikers. This scenic route begins at the Tatenberg lock and is highly recommended. Another must-see attraction for avid cyclists is the Sternradtour Hamburg, particularly for those who love Zollenspieker Fährhaus.

You can also find detailed information about cycling along Elbe on the Elbe Cycle Path website. You will find current tips, useful route information about the 400-kilometer UNESCO biosphere reserve, and exciting facts about cultural sights and events along the Elbe.
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