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The Zollenspieker Pegelhäuschen

The world’s smallest restaurant
right in the Elbe

Originally built in 1880, our little Pegelhäuschen provides a unique setting for a meal for two or four people. And has a wonderful view out onto the river.

Old Zollenspieker Pegelhäuschen

Originally built in 1880 and demolished in 1992, we were able to faithfully reconstruct the Pegelhäuschen (little water gauge house) with the help of donations. Today, the smallest restaurant in the world offers a unique, private setting for a meal for two or four people. Situated above the Elbe, it gives you a fantastic view out over the river. Listen to the quiet murmur of the rippling water while you enjoy our exclusive, personal service and a fantastic four-course surprise menu including apéritif, wine and coffee.


Please book your table in the Pegelhäuschen by phone on +49 (0)40 793133-0. It is not possible, unfortunately, to book the Pegelhäuschen on our online table booking system.