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Restaurant specials

Fresh, fine and simply delicious

Find out about the highlights of the season and our new dishes in our culinary calendar.


Hearty kale

The winter vegetable.
The kale season traditionally starts after the first frost. At least, that’s what happens here in the north. At Zollenspieker, we also love this winter vegetable and make delicious dishes with it.

from mid-February

Smelt ahoi!

The season has started!
The fifth season begins when the mild weather brings the smelt up the Elbe river. Freshly caught right on our doorstep, we serve it in tasty smelt dishes.

from mid-May

Great plaice

Popular throughout the whole of Europe.
As a flatfish, the plaice is naturally very thin and so we make it deliciously crispy. Experience the pleasure of eating this fish; it doesn’t just make sailors go weak at the knees.

Mid-May to end of June

Dine on asparagus

Enjoy this vegetable of kings with us.
When it comes to asparagus, it really is an indulgence. For centuries, this vegetable has held a special fascination among gourmets

from mid-June

Hello matjes!

Our favourite herring is here.
Matjes (young herring) has always enjoyed great popularity as a traditional fish delicacy. Discover the new interpretations of tried-and-tested delicacies we have created for you.


Top-quality chanterelle

Fresh from the forest.
Enjoy the chanterelle season here with a host of delicious recipes. We find the best and tastiest ways to serve you this aromatic mushroom.


My mushroom: porcini mushrooms!

Firm flesh, delicious taste.
Porcini mushrooms are a delicacy among wild mushrooms. Their distinctive natural flavour and firm consistency make them a popular choice. We have a range of delicious porcini mushroom dishes for you.


Pleasure is inspiring

Tasty variations of the ‘Vierländer’ duck.
This crispy, tender fowl is said to have once been one of Prince Bismarck's favourite dishes. We serve you a half ‘Vierländer’ duck in two delicious varieties.


Goose bumps at the Zollenspieker

The whole goose for four people.
We serve a crispy, roasted goose, carved at the table and served with orange sauce, red cabbage, potato dumplings, croquettes and Brussel sprouts.

Overview Arrangements

Fährhaus romance
something special for two
Time for two
romantic dinner with an overnight stay
Private dinner in the ‘Pegelhäuschen’
a unique setting for a meal
Season Special
2 nights of fantastic relaxation and culinary enjoyment