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The Zollenspieker

A true Place of Beauty

Situated at the southernmost point in Hamburg, the Zollenspieker Fährhaus stands out primarily due to its unique location on the Elbe. There is no other historical building in northern Germany that represents a piece of Hanseatic history quite like this one. Its foundation walls date back as far 1252, so it’s not surprising that this building has been part of many historical events.


the Zollenspieker Fährhaus is situated at kilometre 598.5 along the Elbe river


its foundation walls can be traced back to 1252


the customs and ferry station was located here from the 13th to the 19th century


the building was extended to include the four-star hotel

A piece of Hamburg history

The historic listed building can look back on more than 765 years of history. Originally built as a customs tower, it was destroyed by Lüneburg troops in 1620 but rebuilt again the following year. In addition to its role as a guest house and place to stop for refreshment, the historic building also served as a customs station and ferry house (‘Fährhaus’), at one of the oldest Hamburg Elbe ferry crossings. With the abolition of the customs collection in 1863, the historic building took on its distinctive shape with the addition of a dance hall. Since then, the old ferry house has been a popular destination with its majestic view over the Elbe and tall chestnut trees in its beer garden.

In May 2012, the Zollenspieker Fährhaus extended out to include a four-star hotel, thus taking a big step into the future. A future that meets the requirements of modern hotel and catering amenities, as well as the desire to keep historical relics intact and preserve their history.

At kilometre 598.5 along the Elbe river

Gardens, fields, glasshouses and the majestic Elbe shape the scenic character of the ‘Vierlande’ and marshlands to the southeast of Hamburg. Zollenspieker Fährhaus is situated here at kilometre 598.5 along the Elbe river, next to the nature reserve and the romantic dyke. This is the point where from the 13th to the 19th century, the customs and ferry house were located, from which the respective lord of the manor oversaw his sovereignty over the Elbe. Today, sightseers wanting a trip over the Elbe can still catch the ferry from the jetty right outside our front door. Whether seen from the water or from the many beautiful viewpoints in and around our hotel, the special location at the southernmost point of the Hamburg Elbe river offers a unique view of the bank and the river Elbe.