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Bike hire and bike trips

The ‘Vier- und Marschlande’ region offers you attractive bike paths and round trips. With an S-Bahn-Station always nearby, you can easily enjoy a cycling tour of 1 to 3 hours. How about cycling on the railway embankment of ‘Marschlande’ across the ‘Vierlande’ region? This embankment, 25 km long, starts at the Tatenberg Lock (for cyclists and hikers only). And this should not go unmentioned: There is a very special highlight for all bikers who have a preference for our Zollenspieker Fährhaus – the Radial Tour Hamburg.


You will find detailed information on cycling along the Elbe on the Elbe cycle route website. Apart from up-to-date tips and useful route information concerning the 400 km long UNESCO biosphere reserve you learn about cultural sights and events along the Elbe river.
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my Boo Bamboo bikes

Sustainable. Social. Unique.

Our surroundings are particularly easy to explore on a bike. In the search for the perfect two-wheeled partner for our guests, we came across a company that has made it its business to make the world a little better with their bikes. my Boo from Kiel makes bicycles out of bamboo. Your frames come from Ghana and are handcrafted there in 80 hours and under fair conditions. They are then finally assembled directly in Kiel. The proceeds generated in Ghana give Ghanaian children access to education. From March 2021 you can rent the socially sustainable bikes from us and go on a discovery tour in the Vier- und Marschlanden.