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Bathing and swimming fun

How about some backstroke or breaststroke laps? Or some relaxing minutes in the thermal pool? Pack your swimming things, there are enough bathing opportunities. For example: The ‘Bille Baths’ is an idyllic location right next to the small Bille river with many possibilities to bathe, swim or simply relax in the sauna. The outdoor pool has comfortable 28° C and is easily accessible from the swimming hall.
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An excursion to ‘MidSommerland’, an idyllic location on the “Aussenmühlenteich” is like a trip to the Far North – in the south of Hamburg, though. 
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The ‘Boberg Lake’ is situated amidst the nature reserve ‘Boberg Lowland’. The fine sand beach on the north-east shore is particularly suitable for kids and the ‘no dogs’ lawns invite the rest of the family to recover and warm up after swimming. Access: S21 exit ‘Mittlerer Landweg’, bus number 330 direction ‘Billstedt’, exit ‘Billwerder Kirche’. Opening period: 11 May to 16 September.



Bathing lake near the Zollenspieker Fährhaus

Hohendeicher See | Oortkatensee

The Hohendeicher See is located directly behind the Elbe dike in the Vier- und Marschlanden in the Bergedorf district. The lake was created in 1966 when gravel and clay were extracted to build a dike. The campsite is on the eastern shore of the lake.

The two bathing areas are on the western bank (small sandy beach and lawn) and on the southern bank (large sandy beach and lawn). There is no separate non-swimmer area. The lake is used intensively by surfers in the western area.

Caution: There are already abrupt edges near the bank where the water suddenly becomes very deep. This is typical of a quarry pond. There are no lifeguards.

The Hohendeicher See (also called Oortkatensee among the locals) is approx. 7 km away from the Zollenspieker Fährhaus.